Montreal, mon cherie


Montreal, mon cherie
Your summer brilliance stole our hearts
Lifted up with the breezes, laid out on the lawns and
Humming away with an orchestra of crickets and saxaphonists jamming in the park.

Summer, we’re in love.

Montreal, mon amie,
Streets of strangers feeling like friends, a smile on every street.
Je ne parle pas français, but ce n’est pas un problème!
You always showed us the way and inspired us with your cool sensibilities.
Social justice dances down the street, art is a way of life
And we tapped our feet to the beat of a cool sense of inclusiveness playing out in your hood.

Community, we’re diggin’ it.


Montreal, you were buzzing,
And we want you, more, again.
We want to cycle your bike-friendly streets once more,
Walk through your shaded suburbs and chow on creative bites beside funky graffiti’d walls.


We want to dance with our baby on the sidewalk where the public pianos are played, meet our neighbours in the park, and bask in the sunshine beside the buskers and kids.


Would we have the skin for winter? Perhaps one day we’ll see.


Thanks for inspiring me, mon cherie.